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The Beauty Hub

At DB Cosmetics, we believe in pro-age beauty. We believe that you don’t diminish with age - rather, signs of ageing make you even more beautiful and should be embraced. Your age should be celebrated, not hidden behind a layer of thick foundation and uncomfortable anti-ageing makeup.
Do you wake up to dark circles even after a good night’s sleep? Find out how to brighten the under eye area with skincare, makeup and a few lifestyle tweaks.
It’s the million-dollar makeup question: Which eyeshadow colour is best for me? The answer comes down to the colour of your eyes, and which shades compliment them.
Want to learn how to do your brow makeup? Whether you want to learn how to lighten brows with makeup or how to fill in uneven brows, read our brow makeup guide now!
Ready to meet your mascara match? Learn how to choose a mascara for your lash type & discover our 4 best cruelty free mascaras for long, lush lashes now!
Meet our new vegan tubing mascara. Its smudge-proof, water-resistance formula is ideal for sensitive eyes. Here’s why…