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Vibrate your skin clean

Vibrate your skin clean

Great skin doesn’t just happen. Slacking on your skincare routine today can mean you will have dull and blemished skin tomorrow. The Face Spa Cleansing System is our favourite tool in the bathroom, it invigorates your skin in the morning and gives you a deep clean in the evening.

How the Face Spa Cleansing System works:

The ridged silicone surface reaches deeper into your skin, working quickly and effectively to remove makeup, excess oil and cleanse your pores. The silicone surface of the cleansing brush is gentle on sensitive and inflamed skin.The high frequency vibrations have adjustable speeds which work to promote facial skin cell regeneration to lift and firm the skin.

How to use the Face Spa Cleansing System:

So, how do you use your new best bud in the bathroom? Glad you asked.

1.    Wet your gorgeous face

2.    Pump your favourite cleanser onto the Electric Face Spa’s ridges

3.    Turn that baby on and in small circular movements glide the vibrating face spa over your face and down your neck

4.    You can stop after 1 – 2 minutes, but we can wait until you’re done

5.    Rise your face to thoroughly removing all your cleanser

6.    Yay! You’re skin is so clean now! Finish off with your favourite skincare

Shop the Face Spa Cleansing System here