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5 Pro-Age Beauty Tips To Embrace The Real You

5 Pro-Age Beauty Tips To Embrace The Real You | DB Cosmetics | 01

If you follow trends in the media, it’s clear that many people are obsessed with turning back the hands of time. It seems that a large portion of society thinks that people - particularly women - should be focused on staying looking young for as long as possible. We don’t agree.

At DB Cosmetics, we believe in pro-age beauty. We believe that you don’t diminish with age - rather, signs of ageing make you even more beautiful and should be embraced. Your age should be celebrated, not hidden behind a layer of thick foundation and uncomfortable anti-ageing makeup.

After all, why do most beauty brands proclaim that self-love is the key to feeling beautiful, but pressure older women into hiding their wrinkles? Our mission at DB Cosmetics is to help you embrace your age and love the way you look when you catch your reflection in the mirror. To help you love yourself at any age, we share are our 5 pro-age beauty tips and our top makeup tips for mature skin!

We are proudly pro-age! But what does it mean?

What is pro-age beauty? If you are pro-age, then you won’t run away from the concept of looking old. You don’t shudder when you see your first wrinkles or reach for the hair dye when you notice your roots are starting to turn grey. Instead, you’ll accept that grey hair, wrinkles and fine lines are part of the ageing process and they are nothing to fear or shy away from. Instead, they should be celebrated!

Of course, being pro-age doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to use makeup or cosmetics that help you feel beautiful. But rather than seeing anti-ageing makeup as an obligation and an extra burden, you can see it as a useful tool that’s there if you need it! Being pro-age does not mean that you reject beauty products; rather, you reject the notion that beauty is defined by eternal youth.

Rather than covering up signs of ageing, join the pro-age revolution! Being pro-age means accepting your age, and being focused on regenerating, firming, nourishing, enhancing and hydrating your skin to preserve your beauty. Forget about hiding your wrinkles and imperfections. Instead, learn how to age gracefully and beautifully.

Our makeup tips on how to care for mature skin

There are plenty of examples of pro age makeup that make you look terrific while helping you embrace your age at the same time. Here are some of our top tips for aging gracefully.

#1 Keep your skin moisturised

The secret to plump, glowing skin is to make sure that you always keep your skin moisturised! If your skin dries out, visible signs of ageing are more likely to show - and may start showing sooner too. So our first makeup tip for mature skin is to keep the skin hydrated as it will naturally keep your skin looking fresh and healthy! Try our hydrating Skin Quencher Primer + Moisturiser. Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, Q10 infusion, Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Vitamin C & E, it’s SUPER hydrating - and hydrating makeup is the best makeup for older women.

#2 Wear sunscreen every single day

Sunscreen is also an absolute no-brainer for all skin types, but especially mature skin. Wearing SPF every day is essential to protect your skin - and yes, that includes wearing sunscreen in the winter too!

To further protect your skin, try makeup with SPF: our Firming Age Revive Foundation and Mineral Veil Powder Foundation are arguably some of the best makeup for mature skin because they provide an extra layer of SPF protection.

#3 Choose luminous makeup

Our next makeup tip for mature skin is to choose luminous over matte makeup when it comes to makeup primer and foundation. That’s the secret to avoid dull-looking skin and make your skin glow naturally.

If we had to pick the best foundation for mature skin over 60, it would definitely be the Skin Renew Ceramide Foundation. Ceramide is one of our go-to makeup ingredients for mature skin, as it helps promote healthy, hydrated, and glowing skin.

#4 Reveal, don’t conceal

We know that the media wants you to hide any signs of ageing - they want you to conceal laugh lines, wrinkles, crow's feet… But what if you learned to embrace them instead? We want to encourage you to reveal, not conceal, what makes you uniquely YOU!

Instead of reaching for super high-coverage makeup, choose makeup that accentuates your best features. Add a beautiful lipstick, a touch of mascara to make your eyes pop, and you’re ready to go! Now that you accentuated your best features, they will be the first thing people notice when they see you.

#5 Smile!

Pro-age beauty means embracing your natural beauty. And what’s more natural than a true smile that comes from the heart? Let your beauty shine from within and show the world your beautiful smile!

Love yourself with skin-loving makeup!

We hope you love these tips and discover for yourself how to embrace pro-age beauty. Discover some incredible pro-age products on DB Cosmetics’ website today!