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Lip Glosses

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Choose from Our Range of Clear & Tinted Lip Glosses

When it comes to finding the best lip gloss, there is a range of formulations and colours that you can choose from, such as clear, plumping, tinted and natural. At DB Cosmetics, our range of lip glosses offers lightweight, comfortable, non-sticky formulas, unlike other brands which can feel tacky after use. Utilising nourishing ingredients like shea butter, Vitamins E and C, and hyaluronic acid, our products work to deliver a shiny, glossed look that is long-lasting, so that you can enjoy it all day long.

Our Best Plumping Lip Gloss Help Add Extra Definition

At DB Cosmetics, our varied range of the best clear and tinted lip glosses offer a variety of benefits for your overall look and lip health. Our best Lip Boost Plumping gloss, with its refreshing tingling sensation, works to plump and enhance your lips, whilst creating extra dimension. Unlike many other plumping choices on the market, our products are available in a variety of shades with clear and tinted options, so that you can match your choice of plumping gloss to suit your own personal style, ranging from natural to glamourous looks. With our easy use applicators, the best way to ensure you enjoy a fuller pout is to apply the gloss to the middle of the bottom lip, before pressing your lips together gently to achieve a plumping, even spread and shine.

Nourish Your Lips with the Best Lip Glosses in Australia

Each of our specially designed, nourishing clear and tinted lip gloss formulations work to support lip health with moisturising ingredients to promote hydration and help prevent cracked or sore lips. In line with our DB Promise, each product is of the best quality at an affordable cost. With our Luminous Lip Gloss, you will enjoy the best feeling of smooth, moisturised and fuller lips thanks to the shea butter and hyaluronic acid infusions. Each lip gloss product in our collection, whether used independently or with other products like lip liners and treatments, is ideal for everyday use and offers an exciting alternative to lipsticks to help shake up your look. For great ideas and inspiration on how to use these exciting products and more, take a look at our Beauty Hub for makeup tips and tricks to help you craft a makeup look that you will love.

As with many beauty products on the market, the use, application, and care of the best lip glosses for both natural & glamorous looks raise a number of questions. To help answer some of the more common queries we encounter, we have compiled a list of FAQs to help you get the most out of your lip gloss products.

You Asked, We Answered: Lip Gloss FAQS

What is the best way to store lip gloss?

Clear and tinted lip gloss can be directly impacted by the environment in which it is kept. Always keep it stored out of direct sunlight. Try to ensure that where you are storing your lip gloss is cool (or at least room temperature) and dry so that it does not become too thick or runny in its consistency.

How can I keep lip gloss going all day long?

There are a few simple steps that you can follow to keep your best lip gloss lasting longer throughout the day. First, exfoliate your lips to remove any dry or flaky skin that might compromise the consistency of your lip gloss. Then employ the use of a lip primer to give the gloss something to adhere to and promote longevity. You could also try applying a small amount of foundation to your lips to add some staying power to your natural look. If you are using a tinted gloss, finding a matching matte lipstick to wear underneath can also work to help your lip gloss appear fresh all day long.

Are you supposed to wear a lip liner with lip gloss?

If you are looking to accentuate and elevate your best-tinted lip gloss, then using a lip liner is an excellent way of doing it. The use of lip liner provides dimension around the lips, which in turn helps them to appear more defined. You can then apply the gloss to add shine and make your lips look fuller.

How to apply lip gloss?

The first step for any lip product is to prep your lips for smooth application with an exfoliant. You can then apply your gloss, clear or tinted, to the middle of your bottom lip and then bring your lips together, rubbing gently. This will encourage the gloss to spread evenly and naturally across your lips, adding the perfect amount of sheen. Whether using your best lip gloss on its own, or with lipstick and liner, following this simple method ensures that you get the full shine of the gloss, without any tacky or gloopy consistency.

How long does it take for lip gloss to expire?

Due to its liquid consistency, you will need to replace your lip gloss more often than alternative products like lipstick. This is because the various ingredients within the formula begin to separate or change, causing alterations in the texture and appearance of the lip gloss. It is recommended to change your lip gloss at least every 12 months to ensure you maintain the quality of the product.

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