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12th of August, 2019

Be a Master of Illusion

Jordan Hazan
Be a Master of Illusion | DB Cosmetics | 01

Simple steps to achieve a flawless complexion with our highest coverage concealer. Achieve a perfect complexion with our highest coverage concealer EVER!

Our longwearing and crease-proof concealer does more than mask blemishes and uneven skin tone.

Watch our full tutorial video to learn how to become the Master of Illusion! Or scroll down to read the step by step instructions on:

1: Concealing dark skin under eyes
2: Highlight features
3: Touching up any blemishes or red patches

Pro Tip: Use the Master Illusion High Coverage Concealer to create a cut crease!

How to Master the Illusion of Concealer

Concealing Dark Skin under Eyes

Waking up and feeling dark, dull and puffy is fun for no one! Quickly cover up your tired eyes by applying a small amount of the Master Illusion High Coverage Concealer. First apply your primer and foundation to create your perfect makeup base. Using a brush or your fingertips, gently dot the concealer along the lower eye bone and blend, bringing it all the way up to the inner corners of your eyes.

Correcting Colour and Highlighting features

As well as hiding dark circles the Master Illusion High Coverage Concealer  is great for highlighting your features. Apply a small amount along the places you want light to bounce from including the bridge of your nose, chin and under the arch of your eyebrows. Blend with your concealer brush.

Touching up Blemishes, Red Patches or uneven Skin Tone

Let’s be frank, sometimes foundation just doesn’t cut it for high level coverage. To disguise blemishes and blend uneven skin tone, blend the Master Illusion High Coverage Concealer over the areas of concern. Once you’ve mastered your complexion by covering dark circles, blemishes and uneven skin tone you can finish your look with your favourite products for cheeks, eyes and lips!

Pro Tip: Create a Cut Crease. Apply your base colour to your eyelids ensuring you have full coverage from the inner corner dusted to the outer corner. With a concealer brush, press the Master Illusion High Coverage Concealer on the eyelid staying below the eyelid crease line. Using a darker colour of eye shadow frame the crease line using a smaller eyeshadow brush. You can play around with colours and the crease shape to find your perfect balance.

Want to know more about the Master Illusions Concealer?

The Master Illusion High Coverage Concealer is more than just a high coverage, long wearing, liquid concealer. It is enriched with nourishing ingredients including Aloe Vera, Vitamin C & E, Shea Butter and Peptides to sooth and treat your skin all day long.

The key benefits of the Master Illusion High Coverage Concealer:

Vitamin C & E – together these powerful vitamins protect your cells from free radical damage from the sun and provide anti-inflammatory benefits, great for inflamed or sensitive skin.

Shea Butter – incredibly moisturising, shea butter nourishes and protects your skin

Aloe Vera – sooth your skin with the anti-inflammatory benefits of aloe vera

Peptide Infusion – help your skin absorb water and regenerate with our peptide infusion