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11th of February, 2021

6 Tips for Applying Foundation Like a Pro

Jordan Hazan
6 Tips For Applying Foundation Like a Pro | DB Cosmetics | 01

Foundation is a tricky product to master, but once you do, you’ll never go back! When it’s properly applied, your skin will look smooth, even and oh-so-glowy. But when it’s just slapped on, it can settle into fine lines and leave you dealing with dry patches or oil slicks.

Here, our makeup artists spill their 6 tips for how to apply foundation like a pro.

1. Flawless Foundation starts with your skincare routine

Foundation can cling to the creases and crevices of dry skin, so you want to cleanse and moisturise before you even flip open your makeup bag. This will hydrate and smooth your skin, leaving you with the perfect canvas for foundation.

To supercharge your glow, massage in your moisturiser using small, circular motions. The massaging motion will boost circulation and give your skin that gorgeous rosy flush we all know and love. 

2. NEVER  skip the Primer step

It’s time to prime! A good primer creates a barrier between your foundation and your face so your makeup lasts longer. It also evens out skin tone and blurs pores and fine lines.

The key is to choose a primer that suits your skin type and the finish you’re trying to achieve.

  • If you have oily skin and want a matte finish, the Blur Primer will mop up excess shine and help your makeup stay put for longer.

  • If your skin is looking a little dull, the Rise and Prime Illuminating Primer is packed with light-diffusing pigments for next-level luminosity. 

  • If your skin is dry and crying out for moisture, smooth on the Skin Quencher Primer and Moisturiser. The moisturiser meets hydrating primer sinks into the skin to give it a dewy finish.

  • If you have mature skin, go for the Gold Elixir Priming Potion. It’s full of Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C to hydrate and brighten the skin, plus it’s infused with real gold flecks for a glowy finish!

3. Use the right Foundation Tool for you

There are a few to choose from, and they can completely change the way your foundation looks!

For medium to full coverage, reach for a flat top Blending Brush
You’ll find one in the Stay Golden 8 Piece Brush Set. The best foundation brush has soft, flat bristles that can easily pick up foundation and buff it into the skin. And it’s slightly tapered to get into all the nooks and crannies of your face, like around the nose.

As for how to blend foundation with a brush, buff it in using small circles or taps. Don’t “paint” it on as the bristles might leave you with streaks or lines

For light, buildable coverage, try a Beauty Sponge.
Dot foundation around your face, and then dab it in with the sponge, blending as you go. 

You can move pretty quickly, but you want to make sure you’re patting the product in, not rubbing or dragging it. This technique will make sure your foundation doesn’t look cakey.

For natural coverage, use your fingers!
The warmth of your fingers will help your foundation to melt into your skin, giving you a second-skin finish. 

The foundation will cover up any redness and improve your skin’s texture while letting your unique features (like freckles!) peek through. Just make sure your hands are clean.

4. Add a little somethin' extra to your Foundation

To get the exact coverage and finish you’re hoping for, mix another product into your foundation.

To crank up the glow, add a few drops of highlighter, like the Liquid Gold Jelly Highlighter. And if you’re going for a matte finish, you can even mix in your favourite loose powder foundation. We love barely nude minerals, but just remember that a little goes a long way!

If you want to sheer out a full-coverage foundation, try mixing in a moisturising primer. The Pre-Foundation Moisturising Primer is infused with aloe vera, green tea and vitamins C and E to give your skin a healthy, hydrated glow. 

5. Only apply Foundation where you need it

As you can tell, flawless foundation really is all about the prep! But there are a few foundation application tips to keep in mind when you get around to applying foundation.

Here’s how to properly apply foundation:

  1. Dot a tiny amount of foundation on your forehead, nose and the apples of the cheeks. With foundation, less is more!
  2. Slowly blend your foundation outwards using the tool of your choice, paying special attention to any areas that need more coverage. Think: the nose and the mouth area, as they’re prone to redness and shadows. It’s a good idea to skip the corners of the nostrils, though — the skin there is pretty dry, so your foundation might cling to it. By the time you reach your hairline, you should hardly be applying any foundation.
  3. Blend your foundation around your jaw and down your neck to avoid ending up with harsh lines.

6. Set it and forget it

When you’re happy with your foundation, seal in your makeup magic with a dusting of translucent powder. And when you’re done, move on to your bronzer, blush or highlighter to add warmth and depth to your face.

Dip a big, fluffy brush into a loose setting powder for foundation, such as the Hydra-Set Translucent Setting Powder, and tap the excess powder off the brush. Then, focus on the areas that tend to get shiny or oily, like the T-zone. You don’t need to apply powder over your whole face.

Lastly, spritz your skin with a makeup setting spray, like the Mist Me Setting Spray in Rosewater. It’s bursting with Hyaluronic Acid, cucumber juice and Q10 to keep your skin feeling hydrated all day (or night) long.

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