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11th of February, 2021

Glowy Makeup 101: 5 Steps to Glow from Head to Toe

Jordan Hazan
Glowy Makeup 101: 5 Steps to Glow From Head to Toe | DB Cosmetics | 01

It’s time to unleash your inner golden goddess and master how to do glowy makeup. The good news is, we’ve got a couple of makeup tricks up our sleeve that will get you glowing from head to toe.

Our glowy makeup guide is here to teach you how to shine in all the right places, in only 5 easy steps.

1. Get a whole Body Glow

Getting your glow on doesn’t only mean applying highlighter and dewy makeup - it also includes choosing the right body care products that will make your whole body glow.

Wondering how to get glowing body skin? Easy. The first step to make your whole body glow is finding a product that deeply nourishes the skin of your body and lathering it up regularly. Keeping the skin soft and hydrated will naturally help you achieve that healthy glow.

To take it even further, look for body care that adds some shimmer to your skin. Our  Limited Edition Shimmering Body Oil in a radiant champagne gold colour will deliver the best shimmery glow, all while hydrating your skin. Plus this glow oil has a scrumptious Vanilla and Coconut scent which you will become completely obsessed with.

2. Say hello to Shiny Lips

Now your body is glowing, it’s time to tackle other glow-worthy areas. A personal favourite of ours is glowing lips. 

The key thing to remember when hunting for a shiny lip gloss is to go for a formula that isn’t tacky. You know, that sticky-lip feeling? No one wants that. So opt for a gloss that is enriched with Vitamin E and beeswax for a smooth, stylish glow - just like our Lavish Lip Gloss!

For primetime dewy, kissable lips we recommend either a warm summery shade like “Bright Coral”, or for straight-up shine go for “Crystal Clear”.

3. Master Highlighting Makeup

Mastering how to do glowy makeup comes down to two key things: highlighter and illuminator. These will be your two shiny sidekicks.

So where do you apply illuminator? When it comes to applying illuminator makeup or figuring out where to put highlighter, the answer is simple: highlight the parts of your face that are naturally hit by sunlight, e.g. your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and the cupid’s bow of your lips should take top priority. 

Take your illuminating palette or highlighter palette and dab some highlighter on those spots. The illuminating effect will naturally enhance your best features. For a seriously dewy shine though, go for our Liquid Gold Highlighter Jelly which will moisturise, soothe and shine like no other.

4. Add Shimmer to your Eyes

When it comes to your eyes, this one product will instantly add all of the shine and shimmer you need. And that product, ladies and gentleman, is… glitter.

Making a big comeback in 2021, glittery eyes are set to be everywhere - so get ahead of the trend by figuring out how to do glitter eyeliner perfectly, right here. First, grab your glitter eyeliner and tilt your head back and peer down while looking in a mirror. Draw the start of your line at the inner corner of your upper eyelid, before working towards the outer corner. This should keep things nice and steady.

Our Liquid Eyeliner Glitter will make your eyes sparkle with glitter and glam. It’s a perfect look for a festival, or just when you want a little more shimmer in your life.

5. Lock in that Glow

Once you’ve established your glowing base, you want to make sure that this shine doesn’t go anywhere. And the best way to make sure your glowy makeup will last all day is to top it all off with a spritz of makeup setting spray. 

Simply mist our Shimmer Makeup Setting Spray after applying your makeup, holding the bottle about 15cm from your skin. Three pumps is the perfect amount to refresh your skin and lock in that beautiful glow. All the nourishing goodies in our setting spray (like Hyaluronic Acid, Cucumber and Aloe Vera) will keep your skin feeling fresh and cared for, while locking in that dewy beauty.

Plus, for a hyper-highlighted finish, spray the  Mist Me Setting Spray White Gold  on your décolletage. It looks amazing, trust us.

Get your Glow on now

Your glowy makeup look is now complete. If you want to stock up on dewy-approved products, be sure to check out our  body care range and our luminous makeup - plus, both are vegan and cruelty-free. We can’t wait to see you shine!