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10th of February, 2022

Here’s How To Choose The Best Primer For Your Foundation

Jordan Hazan
How To Match Your Primer With Your Foundation | DB Cosmetics | 01

One of the most important steps of any makeup routine is using the right primer. Before foundation, whether water-based, cream, or mineral, applying primer is a vital step to making sure your makeup lasts longer and better.

There are as many different primers as there are skin types and working out which one is best for you is key. Not only does matching your primer and skin type offer many benefits, but it also ensures the longevity of your foundation. Whether you have dry, maturing, oily, or combination skin, DB Cosmetics has something for you!

Replenish Maturing Skin with Our Water-Based Skin Quenching Primer & Skin Renew Foundation

Now we know why it is important to use primer before foundation, knowing how to apply it is just as crucial. Primer for maturing skin before foundation will help reduce many signs of aging, such as dryness and fine lines. With our Skin Quencher Primer and Skin Renew Foundation, you will benefit from the specially designed formulas, targeting these concerns. Together, this pairing of water-based foundation and primer will provide a lush, glowy finish, complementing each other and working to accentuate their nourishing benefits.

Keep Oils at Bay with Our Pore Minimising Primer & Natural Ground Mineral Foundation for Combination Skin

When working with combination skin, excessive oil production can be a problem. By using our Pore Minimising Primer and Natural Ground Mineral Foundation, you can help control and even prevent over-production of oil on the skin, ensuring a long-lasting finish. With targeted formulas to match the best primer for mineral foundation, these products offer pore minimising qualities to complement combination skin. When considering how best to apply, try using a priming brush to evenly smooth a thin layer all over your face. After following your usual skincare routine, dab the primer into the skin and leave for a minute or so to fully absorb. Then you are ready for foundation! Apply as needed, steadily building up to your desired coverage to ensure an even, flawless look.

A Winning Combination for Dull or Dry Skin: Rise & Prime Primer with Luminous Foundation

Having trouble with dry patches or a build-up of dead skin that leaves your skin lacking that enviable glow? Odds are you are experiencing dull, dry skin. To combat this, find a primer/ foundation combo to hydrate, nourish and revitalize your skin. At DB Cosmetics, our Rise & Prime Primer and Luminous Hydrating Foundation offer a water-based, gel-like formula, specially designed to bring a glowy, dewy finish back to your skin. Filled with skin-loving ingredients, these products offer hydrating benefits ideal for dry skin.

Achieve the Ideal Light Coverage with Our Blur Primer & BB Cream

Even when you are looking for light coverage with your makeup, the use of a primer before foundation is essential. Without it, your makeup is more likely to fade, as primer actively holds the products in place and even allows you to use less makeup at a time for a natural look. Our Blur Primer and BB Cream will help you keep control of oily skin, hydrate and nourish all skin types and even add extra SPF for added sun protection. These skincare benefits, plus more, are part of the lightweight cream formulations, making these products ideal for those seeking light coverage makeup.

What to Look for When Choosing a Primer

As we have discussed above in both why it is important to use primer before foundation, and how to apply it, the results come down to identifying your skin type, as this can impact the effect of each product. For your dry skin, why not try a hydrating primer with cream foundation? Or for that oily type, how about a mattifying option with mineral foundation?

When you mismatch products, your makeup can look thick and unflattering. A tip to remember is that water-based products and oil or silicone products do not mix, whether they are in liquid, cream, or mineral form. This is because they cause separation as they repel one another. However, in finding the best primer to use before foundation and applying them correctly, your makeup will be long-lasting and flawless all day long.

To learn more about the different products we offer at DB Cosmetics and how these can enhance your skincare and makeup routines, contact us at 1300 765 332 or leave a message online. If you are looking for more great beauty tips, then visit our Beauty Hub and check out our blogs and articles to help you on your journey.