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11th of February, 2021

New Year, New Us: Our Beauty Resolutions for 2021

Jordan Hazan
New Year, New Us: Our Beauty Resolutions for 2021 | DB Cosmetics | 01

Let’s just open with the obvious, shall we? WHAT A YEAR. 2020 has thrown approximately everything unexpected at us, but rather than looking back at the horrid parts as we enter 2021, we’ve decided to make a plan about what’s staying and what’s going.

Call it your New Year goals, or your beauty resolutions, whatever you fancy - but the key thing is to actually keep these self-care ideas you’ve mastered over 2020 as we roll into 2021. Promise?! Okay good. Here’s the plan, ladies.

Keep the good things

While 2020 may have royally cancelled a lot of things off our to-do list, it did add some good things to it. Things we didn’t think we needed until they were all we had.

For that reason, we’re keeping the following things around as we roll into 2021.

1. Mindfulness and Meditation

Taking a second (or fifteen minutes) to re-centre, relax and settle your mind so you can focus on yourself and on doing your best. This is certainly one of the self-care activities we won’t be leaving behind as we roll into this new year.

2. Finding the balance between ‘You time’ and caring for others

 While it was hard being physically away from family and friends, a little bit of space has shed some light on the fact that we were probably prioritising others over ourselves. Which is totally fine from time to time, but getting some me-time back in 2020 has made us realise that taking care of ourselves first is seriously important.

3. Exercise

Despite the fact that we were locked out of gyms and classes for a fair while, this last year has really been a penny-drop moment for most that they need to get their body moving. Whether the driving motivation is health or cabin fever, the result is the same: endorphins. And we all want more of those!

4. Falling back in love with Skincare

Did anyone else find supreme refuge in a face mask during 2020’s bleakest moments? Dedicating our time to fine-tuning our skincare regime and giving our faces and bodies some serious TLC has done wonders for our headspace (and our skin!). Our favourite indulgences have now become a Sunday evening ritual, and you can bet that 2021 will bring with it a weekly bath (at least) and lathering ourselves in delicious bath & body goodies.

5. Never forgetting Hygiene

The new normal is washing your hands 400 times a day and sanitation stations all over the place. And thank god, because we should have all been doing this well before a global pandemic. But if we’re honest, all these hygiene regulations have drummed up one truth for us: That we definitely have a favourite hand sanitiser. The DB Cosmetics Hand Sanitiser, to be specific.

6. It's good to have hobbies

Pre-pandemic, when downtime was almost exclusively allotted to big nights out with friends, we sort of lost our love for hobbies. Since we all retreated indoors, a bunch of us re-found tasks that brought us immense joy. And yes, we’re looking directly at you, paint-by-numbers fans and banana-bread-bakers. Keep this up in 2021, and carve out time for these happy activities.

Do some things differently

Okay, we know we just said to hold on to some 2020 things with all your might, but we’re about to counteract that statement slightly - because there are definitely some things that should stay behind in the dumpster fire that was 2020.

After wearing track pants, no bra, no makeup and hair in a messy bun all year, it’s time to claw back some normalcy. And to us, that means making an effort when going outdoors with natural skin makeup (and getting excited about it!).

In 2021 we’ll be championing the perfect product to move from no-makeup 2020 to all-natural makeup looks in 2021: BB Cream. BB cream gives you just enough coverage to feel like you’ve made an effort without looking cakey, and all the while moisturising, protecting, perfecting, correcting and brightening your skin. For the perfect all-in-one product, choose a BB Cream with SPF like our BB Cream All-in-One Skin Perfector to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Yup, BB Cream is definitely coming with us into this new year.

Another thing we’re doing is getting pumped about fragrance. Now we know ourselves a little better, we want to find our signature scent that just embodies us in a single waft - but how to find the perfect fragrance? Easy. We’ve put together a handy blog post all about picking out a perfume that properly suits you and will accompany you throughout all of 2021.

Remember, 2021 is a fresh start

The key thing to remember, without sounding like a cheesy motivational movie, is that you can take all your learnings from 2020 and start fresh in the new year.

Give yourself the time to enjoy all the things that were snatched away from you during this whacky year (hello cafes, bars, galleries, clubs, the lot!) and spend time with your family and friends. But also, don’t forget all the self-care activities and healthy lifestyle tips and tricks you learnt over the last year.

Because having that perfect balance should always be on your New Year’s resolution list.