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Glam It Up! Find the Perfect Nail Polish Colour for Every Occasion

Find the Perfect Nail Polish Colour for Every Occasion | DB Cosmetics | 01

If you are searching for nail polish inspiration, then you have certainly come to the right place!

When putting together your outfit, never underestimate the power of matching your nail polish to your outfit choices, or to your makeup look. That small extra step can make your outfit go from basic to super put together in an instant!

We love a good nail polish moment at DB Cosmetics, which is why we’ve formulated the best vegan nail polish out there. Formulated with skin-loving ingredients, our cruelty-free nail polish helps you make a statement while keeping your nails healthy!

Some of you might struggle to find the right nail polish shade - but fear not. We’ve got amazing nail polish shades for every occasion. If you don’t believe that, check out the choices that we have put together below.

DB Cosmetics Nail Polish

Go for simple elegance with white nail polish

White nails are a fantastic way to achieve a minimal, elegant look and are on-trend right now. If you’re wondering how to wear white nail polish, here’s an easy trick: they will look amazing with a neutral, monochromatic outfit - think Kim Kardashian inspired looks, nude bodycon dresses, or even your favourite sweat set in a beige or grey colour.

You can use our DB Infinite Gloss Longwear Nail Polish in Greatest Snowman to get the perfect white nail polish shade. This is one of the neutral nail polish shades you definitely need to instantly elevate your look.

Feel fancy with rogue red

If you are looking for a nail polish for a sexy night out, our DB Infinite Gloss Longwear Nail Polish in Bad Red-putation is a no-brainer. This is the classic red nail polish every woman needs in her makeup set. After all, does red nail polish go with everything? The answer is yes, yes and yes!

It will suit whichever nail shape you choose and will make you look about 10,000 times more Italian chic. The best part is, this versatile nail polish shade will make you look super fancy for any occasion, whether you’re at the office, relaxing at home, or at a fancy dinner in town.

Opt for a (not so) basic black

Make your nails stand out with our DB Infinite Gloss Longwear Nail Polish in the black lacquer shade “A Minute To Midnight”. You may be thinking: can I pull off black nail polish? You absolutely can! Black nail polish is actually more neutral than most other neutral shades. It goes with everything! It immediately makes any outfit so much more interesting, and you are sure to make a statement.

Feel cute with pastel blue

Pastel nail polish shades are perfect for the summer season. Whether you’re hitting the beach or working on your tan by the pool, a pastel blue nail polish is the perfect way to match with the different shades of the water. It will also look fantastic in bright sunlight. Try out DB Infinite Gloss Longwear Nail Polish in Twinkle Twinkle Periwinkle blue nail polish for the perfect spring or summer nail polish look! This is such an Instagram shade and will look perfect on you.

Stay grounded with earth tones

Choose our DB Infinite Gloss Longwear Nail Polish in Limited Edition Rust in Peace for the perfect earth tone nail polish. We’re all about earthy tones at the moment - think brown, terracotta, moss green, and all of these beautiful shades on your Instagram feed - and this rust colour nail polish will be perfect at capturing the earthy vibes you’re looking for. This muted shade makes it the best nail for polish for everyday wear.

DB Cosmetics Nail Polish

Rock the metallic silver look

If you’re going for heavy metals, choose the DB Infinite Gloss Longwear Nail Polish in Silver Lining. This limited-edition shiny metallic silver nail polish provides a subtle yet glistened silver shade. If you’re looking for the best nail polish for long, thin, pointed nails, this is the ideal choice. When matching it with a monochromatic outfit (it would look incredible with an all-black outfit!), the silvery tips are perfect to add a touch of fun and light to your look.

Stay natural with neutral tones

For the ultimate neutral manicure, the DB Infinite Gloss Long Wear Nail Polish in Taupe to the Hand is just what you need. This is the best nail polish colour for when you want your nails to be the supporting player, not the main focus. This neutral nail colour will match any skin tone and look brilliant with any outfit you might choose. You can let your outfit take centre-stage, while your flawless neutral nails make your look effortlessly put together.

Feel fem with soft pink nails

Feeling extra girly today? Try the DB Infinite Gloss Long Wear Nail Polish in Tea for Tutu for super-cute soft pink nails. Even if you're not typically the girly type, sometimes the mood just strikes for a pretty pink. An easy-to-wear pink nail polish is another must-have in every woman’s makeup kit, so keep one in your lacquer arsenal for when you're feeling ultra-fem.

Go for glitter!

When it's your birthday, or just when the party mood strikes, sometimes an eye-catching glitter nail polish is required! The DB Infinite Gloss Long Wear Nail Polish in the limited-edition Penny For Your Thoughts will do the trick. This glitterific shade is sure to make an impression.

How do you remove glitter nail polish? Same as for any other DB Cosmetics nail polish: remove it quickly and gently with the award-winning Twist N’ Go Nail Polish Remover, or our classic Nail Polish Remover. Both are acetone-free makeup removers, and are formulated with skin-loving ingredients to look after your nails and fingers.


Don’t forget about nail treatments

Having a complete nail care routine will leave your nails strong and your manicure looking flawless for longer. For the best results, we recommend incorporating nail treatments like a nail hardener and a nail growth serum. Before applying your nail polish, protect your nails with a layer of our Harden Up Nail Strengthener. In between manicures, treat your nails to a serum to ensure they don’t break and encourage growth. Our Let It Grow Nail Growth Serum is infused with Vitamin E for long, healthy nails! 

Find the perfect makeup and nail polish match

Now that you’ve found the best nail polish for every event, make sure to use a vegan base coat and cruelty-free top coat to make sure your beautiful manicure lasts! If you want more awesome nail polish and makeup tips, check out some of our latest blog posts.