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22nd of October, 2019

Shimmer Your Way To Perfect Skin

Jordan Hazan
Shimmer Your Way To Perfect Skin | DB Cosmetics | 01

Skincare fads come and go but the face mask scene is still popular across bathrooms everywhere in Australia...and all over the world! Why? Because they have visible results - Can’t argue with that!

New to the scene are our innovative Magic Metal Peel Off Shimmer Masks. Designed to deeply detox, hydrate and infuse your skin while peeling away skin build up and and pore blocking impurities. Available in two shimmering formulas:

Magic Metal Shimmer Peel Off Mask - Glittering Pearl
Magic Metal Shimmer Peel Off Mask - Detoxifying Charcoal

Benefits of the Magic Metal Peel Off Shimmer Masks:

Ok, these masks look so good you probably don’t even care about the amazing benefits they have for your skin. We carefully formulated these masks with ingredients and technology to transform your complexion for a hydrated and radiant glow.

✔ Formulated with Green Tea Extract 

- Antibacterial agents to prevent bacteria and breakouts
- Anti-inflammatory to calm skin and reduce redness 
- Vitamin B2 and E for skin health and collagen
- Caffeine to shrink blood vessels and reduce puffiness

✔ Skin resurfacing peel off technology

- Peels away dead skin build up to brighten your complexion
- Unblocks clogged pores to prevent breakouts
- Clings to and removes debris that causes a dull appearance and congestion
- Banishes blackheads from the surface of the skin

✔ Charcoal Powder (only in detoxifying charcoal mask)

- Detoxifies your skin
- Draws out deeply ingrained impurities, bacteria and dirt to the surface
- Fights the causes of acne

How to:


  1. Ensure skin is freshly cleaned & dried
  2. Use included applicator to apply a thick layer evenly all over the face, being careful to avoid eyes, eyebrows, hairline & lips
  3. Leave for 20 minutes or until mask becomes dry to the touch
  4. Peel off to reveal smooth and glowing skin!
  5. Wipe away any excess with a damp cloth