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Meet our New Tubing Mascara

Meet Our New Tubing Mascara | DB Cosmetics | 01

Mascara is a must-have product many of us won’t go a day without. Long, voluminous lashes that last all day is always the aim, but not all formulas have the smudge-proof and water-resistant powers we crave… until now.

Introducing our new tubing mascara: Centre Stage Curl & Volume Mascara. If you ask us, it’s set to be the best vegan mascara of 2019. Here’s why:

Tubing Mascara vs Regular Mascara

Unlike a regular mascara, which distributes pigment straight to the lashes, a tubing mascara is made with flexible polymers that wrap around each lash for 360 coverage, length and show-stopping volume. Essentially, it’s a mascara that coats the lashes with tubes – hence the name. You apply a tubular mascara just the same as a regular one, but the best part about a tubing formula, is that it’s so much more water and sweat-resistant, making it ideal for oily eyelids, humid weather or a night on the town. No smudging here!

The Key Ingredients for Long, Healthy Lashes

What makes our tubing mascara extra special, (and one of the best tubing mascaras for sensitive eyes, in our humble opinion) is the nourishing ingredients we selected to care for your lashes. As well as a rich black pigment for maximum effect, our formula contains:

  • Hyaluronic acid - Known as the ultimate plumping and hydrating ingredient, the Hyaluronic Acid found in our cruelty free tubing mascara helps to retain moisture (hello nourishment) and plump up the lashes for extra volume.
  • Aloe vera - Nature’s soothing saviour was a no-brainer. Its calming and restorative properties help repair dry and damaged lashes. Some even say it helps grow them longer!
  • Green tea - This antioxidant powerhouse ingredient helps protect the lashes and eyes from environmental aggressors and kills any bacteria that dares to irritate. How much can just one vegan mascara do!?
  • Q10 infusion - Q10 helps to stimulate keratin production, which is what keeps our lash hairs healthy and strong. Pair this with some excellent mascara tips for long lashes – like using an eyelash curler before application and wriggling the brush at the roots – and you’ll not only have instant results, but your lashes will continue to grow stronger and longer too.
  • Vitamins A and E - These two are quite the dynamic duo if you’re trying to boost your lash growth. Vitamin A helps to nourish and protect the hair by producing a healthy sebum to prevent breakage, while Vitamin E is chock-full of antioxidants to support hair growth and increase shine. 

How to use the Centre Stage Curl & Volume Mascara

Follow our mascara application tips and tricks to get the best results from our tubing formula:

  1. Using your preferred side of our versatile hourglass wand, apply to lashes from root to tip using a gentle wiggling motion.
  2. You can apply coat after coat until you achieve your ultimate lash look, whether it’s natural and fluttery or full glam.
  3. Once you’re happy, allow to dry before gently removing any smudges with a Q-tip.
Top tip: Use the curved edge to coat the lashes first, then flip to the outer fluffy side to fan out and add more volume.

    As for how to remove tubing mascara… we’ve got that covered too!

    You may have heard it’s a little bit different and you’re not wrong. In fact, despite its amazing water-resisting powers, tubing mascara is actually easier to remove than regular mascara (and especially easier than waterproof formulas). Here’s how:

    1. If you’re in a hurry, use a gentle makeup remover. Soak a cotton pad in the solution and then gently pinch the lashes, wiping towards the tips. The tubes will come away easily (without rubbing), leaving your lashes squeaky clean.

    2. Or if you’re completing a proper full face cleanse, the combination of a warm cloth and gentle cleanser will work like a dream to gently remove the formula, no panda eyes in sight. 

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