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Try These Perfume Dupes That Smell Just Like Designer Fragrances

Perfume Dupes That Smell Like Top Designer Fragrances | DB Cosmetics | 01

Why are some perfumes so much more expensive than others on the market? And how are you supposed to find a signature scent if the options are out of your price range?

If you don’t want to break the bank buying one of those designer fragrances, then DB Cosmetics has just the thing for you with our range of designer fragrance dupes. Perfume dupes are imitations of those well-known scents, including Chanel, Gucci Dior and more, just without the steep price tag, making them affordable for any budget.

Are perfume dupes good?

Like any product, there are high- and low-quality perfume dupes on the market. Fortunately, our range of fragrances is made up of some of the best perfume dupes to buy. This lets our customers have access to great designer quality fragrances for a fraction of the price. Not only are the best perfume dupes dead ringers for designer fragrances, they are a way to get nostalgic and remember those cherished, discontinued fragrances from your past.

Why are some perfumes so much more expensive than others?

We all know that designers’ fragrances carry a hefty price tag. This all comes down to the quality and rarity of the ingredients and the packaging. The best perfume formulas have more oil in them than alcohol, ensuring that they are of a higher quality and will last longer on the skin, however this does increase the cost of production.

By imitating existing fragrances, the best designer fragrance dupes are able to cut down on costs by creating their own formulations and using simpler packaging. At the end of the day, you can’t judge a book by its cover, so test as many perfume dupes, designer fragrance dupes and the best drugstore perfumes as you can to find the right one for you!

How do you choose or find a signature scent?

It’s always exciting trying a new fragrance, but there is something so appealing about having your own signature scent. To be sure to find the perfect fragrance for you, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first step is to experiment and find scents that you are attracted to. This will help pair down your choices so that you can find something that you want to commit to.

There are four main categories that fragrances are typically divided into – fresh, oriental, woody and floral. Another reason to test as many options as possible is because each scent can smell completely different on different people. The beauty of fragrance dupes, particularly designer fragrance dupes like our DB Cosmetics range, is that they provide you with the opportunity to experiment to your heart’s content without blowing your budget.

Tips on making perfume last longer

Wanting value for your money is only natural, so finding a way to make your perfume last longer is a great way of doing so. The best perfume dupes are richer in oil, using less alcohol in their formula. Alcohol evaporates more quickly, so the oil-based fragrance dupes are guaranteed to last longer on the skin. While original designer fragrances would be more expensive because of this, DB Cosmetic’s best perfume dupes offer an affordable, quality alternative for you.

One easy way to help your perfume last longer is to spray on the different pulse points, such as the insides of the wrists and elbows and behind the ears and knees. This is because the areas will warm up throughout the day, releasing the perfume scent as you move around.

Hydrated, healthy skin is more able to absorb perfume, which makes the scent last longer, so a regular moisturising routine can go a long way to making your fragrance last longer. Using moisturiser or lotion before spraying perfume is a simple step to making your fragrance last longer.

1. Flowers for Women - Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Buy the Original: $99.20
Best Perfume Dupes: $9.99 Flowers for Women (EDP) 100ml Fragrance
Marc Jacobs has become one of the most sought after fragrances, and now this designer fragrance dupe gives you a scent with effortless charm and youthful elegance to match the original. Evoking green notes, sandalwood, sweet strawberry and violet leaf you can’t go wrong with this best drugstore perfume.

2. Intense for Men - Sauvage by Dior

Buy the Original: $183.89
Best Perfume Dupes: $9.99 Intense for Men (EDT) 100ml Fragrance
Sauvage has become one of the best-known Dior fragrances for men, and now you can have the same designer fragrance with this affordable DB Cosmetics dupe. With a masculine scent rich with spicy tones that suggest rocky landscapes and the heat of the midday sun, this is one of the best perfume dupes for him.

3. Amore for Women - J’Adore by Dior

Buy the Original: $198.95
Best Perfume Dupes: $9.99 Amore for Women (EDP) 100ml Fragrance
Does anything suggest class and elegance quite like the scent of Dior? With this designer fragrance dupe, get a taste of the real thing with an oriental floral perfume to express femininity and indulgence. With notes of Magnolia, Orange Blossom, Jasmine and Tuberose, you can’t go wrong with one of the best perfume dupes in our collection.

4. Chic Mademoiselle for Women - Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

Buy the Original: $219.90
Best Perfume Dupes: $9.99 Chic Mademoiselle for Women (EDP) 100ml Fragrance
Chanel. One word is all it takes when recognising opulence and style. With our best fragrance dupes, treat yourself with this gentle scent with sweet oriental tones, to encapsulate your femininity.

5. Guilt for Men - Guilty for Men by Gucci

Buy the Original: $129.99
Best Perfume Dupes: $9.99 Guilt for Men (EDT) 100ml Fragrance
One of our best perfume dupes for men, Guilt for Men evokes a rich woodland accord, with hints of cedar, orange blossom and lemon. Try it for yourself and see how this is the best drugstore perfume to make you feel as luxurious as the original Gucci scent.

6. Velvet Blue for Men – Dylan Blue by Versace

Buy the Original: $139.90
Best Perfume Dupes: $9.99 Velvet Blue for Men (EDT) 100ml Fragrance
Inspired by the Mediterranean, this perfume dupe for men, with its hints of bergamot, citrus, black pepper and papyrus is a perfect match for the original Versace fragrance. Treat that special someone with this excellent designer fragrance dupe.

7. In Bloom for Women – Bloom by Gucci

Buy the Original: $139.90
Best Perfume Dupes: $9.99 In Bloom for Women (EDP) 100ml Fragrance 
Everybody loves a bit of Gucci and this gentle feminine scent will make you almost certain you’re wearing the real thing. With ingredients like rose, jasmine, vanilla and honeysuckle, embrace this sweet-smelling perfume dupe and find your new signature scent today.

8. My Paris for Women – Mon Paris by YSL

Buy the Original: $139.90
Best Perfume Dupes: $9.99 My Paris for Women (EDP) 100ml Fragrance
Feeling both modern and classic at the same time, this fragrance dupe is a perfect option for fans of YSL. With aromas of white musk, bergamot and strawberry, this gentle, feminine perfume is a perfect gift idea.

9. Billionaire for Men - Million by Paco Robanne

Buy the Original: $80.99
Best Perfume Dupes: $9.99 Billionaire for Men (EDT) 100ml Fragrance
Much more affordable, but just as flamboyant, Billionaire for Men is a dead-ringer for the Paco Robanne classic. With rich tones of spice, amber, grapefruit and blonde leather this fragrance dupe is one to try.

10. Clarity for Women– Carat by Cartier

Buy the Original: $119.90
Best Perfume Dupes: $9.99 Clarity for Women (EDP) 100ml Fragrance
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so why not try this diamond inspired designer fragrance dupe modelling the opulent scent by Cartier. Luxury and opulence have never been more affordable!

11. La Belle for Women – La Vie Est Belle by Lancome

Buy the Original: $199.90
Best Perfume Dupes: $9.99 La Belle for Women (EDP) 100ml Fragrance
Try out our designer fragrance dupe La Belle for Women. Inspired by Lancôme, this modern perfume combines sweet aromas with charming oriental fragrances.

12. Guilt for Women – Guilty for Women by Gucci

Buy the Original: $120.99
Best Perfume Dupes: $9.99 Guilt for Women (EDP) 100ml Fragrance
If you are fan of Gucci, then look no further! Guilt for Women offers luxurious glamour with aromas of fresh peach, and hints of geranium, patchouli and amber. Treat that special someone with this excellent fragrance.

13. Classic – Chloe by Chloe

Buy the Original: $194.99
Best Perfume Dupes: $9.99 Classic for Women (EDP) 100ml Fragrance
It’s all in the name – Classic. This feminine fragrance dupe combines scents of blackcurrant, amberwood and rose, with gentle traces of jasmine to get a truly sensual, feminine fragrance just like the original.

14. Diamond Blue Tiffany & Co. by Tiffany & Co.

Buy the Original: $148.00
Best Perfume Dupes: $9.99 Diamond Blue for Women (EDP) 100ml Fragrance
Channel Audrey Hepburn with this designer fragrance dupe, offering a sense of sophistication and class in its Tiffany inspired formula. With notes of patchouli, musk and iris, this is a striking, feminine perfume perfect for adding a touch of class to any occasion.

15. GK One – CK One by Calvin Klein

Buy the Original: $55.00
Best Perfume Dupes: $9.99 GK One for Men (EDT) 100ml Fragrance
This affordable, refreshing scent for men inspired by CK One by Calvin Klein is a key element for reaching that cool, casual style. A perfect gift for him, check out one of our best fragrance dupes in our collection.

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We at DB Cosmetics have a wide and varied range of some of the best perfume dupes to be found anywhere across Australia. Each of our fragrances use high quality ingredients to match their original counterparts, allowing you to enjoy designer scents for longer and more affordably.

For more designer fragrance dupes, check out our fragrances collection online and enjoy finding the scents to inspire your festive season!