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30th of November, 2021

Best Makeup For Mature Skin

Jordan Hazan
Best Makeup For Mature Skin | DB Cosmetics | 01

As you get older your skin changes, as should your makeup products. Selecting products that are suited to your mature skin will not only make you look younger, but promote your skin health at the same time.

Mature skin tends to gain texture, fine lines and enhanced pores. Many women struggle to find makeup products that care for their skin while providing them with flawless coverage.. That’s where we come to help.

DB Cosmetics have developed a collection of affordable beauty products to help you age gracefully. Regardless of your unique skin concerns, DB Cosmetics range of foundations for mature skin help to enhance your natural beauty and keep you looking glamorous!

Best Skin Prep Before Makeup Application

After completing your skincare routine, it is important to prep the skin properly to ensure a smooth application of your makeup. Priming mature skin additionally works to smooth uneven texture and minimise wrinkles while rejuvenating the skin throughout the day.

Gold Elixir Priming Potion
Infused with real gold flakes, the Gold Elixir Priming Potion perfectly preps mature skin for application by firming and lifting the complexion. Experience youthful glow with the regular use of the Gold Elixir primer, while ensuring long lasting makeup wear.

Lip Elixir Nourishing Lip Treatment
Experience intense hydration with the Lip Elixir Nourishing Lip Treatment, packed full of ingredients guaranteed to repair your lips. Struggling from constant dry lips? Incorporating the Lip Elixir Nourishing Lip Treatment into your nighttime beauty routine allows the lips to hydrate overnight, leaving you with plump, soft lips when you wake up! What more could you want? Infused with Q10 and Vitamin E, this pout perfecting formula comes in three shades, taking you from day to night.

Best Foundation for Mature Skin is Lightweight Foundation

Have you struggled to find a foundation that provides your desired coverage while minimising fine lines and wrinkles? Look no further than DB Cosmetics' range of foundations for mature skin. Shop from a range of ultra-hydrating formulations that will have your makeup looking fresh and plump all day long.

Skin Renew Ceramide Foundation
Looking for a foundation that will enhance your complexion all day long while repairing your skin? Look no further than the Skin Renew Ceramide Foundation. Infused with ceramides, this foundation provides mature skin with intense hydration throughout wear while achieving refreshed and smooth skin. Mature skin oftens presents as dehydrated and tough, that’s why we have incorporated Vitamin A and C into the formulation of our foundation to even skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Luminous Hydrating Foundation
Hydration is key when selecting the right foundation for mature skin. The Luminous Hydrating Foundation offers a dewy complexion with buildable coverage, perfect in creating a natural look that is beneficial for the skin. Embodying a gel-like formula, the Luminous Hydrating Foundation subtly illuminates facial features. From day to night, this foundation will guarantee glamour without sacrificing your skin health.

Skin Renew Ceramide Pressed Powder
Whether you use it for lightweight coverage or to set your makeup throughout the day, the Skin Renew Ceramide Pressed Powder presents a lightweight formula that is suited to unique use. Infused with ceramides and hyaluronic acid, this foundation hydrates the skin and improves elasticity throughout wear to ensure a smooth and silky finish with every application! You’re bound to be impressed.

Let’s add some colour to the face with the best contour, blush and highlighting products

Nothing completes your makeup routine as beautifully as a healthy glow and pink cheeks!

Quick Fix Cream Bronzer
Warm up your complexion and shape your face with the Quick Fix Cream Bronzer. The super creamy formula is easy to blend out and won’t sink into fine lines, resulting in a soft, natural look.

Quick Fix Cream Blush
The Quick Fix Cream Blush is a must-have product in your beauty kit! Ensuring long lasting wear, this product can be used to enhance colour on your cheeks, eyelids and lips.. A multi-functional makeup product, what more could you want? Formulated to create a creamy finish, this Quick Fix Cream Blush is perfect for mature skin as it provides the skin with intense hydration allowing for a youthful glow.

Quick Fix Cream Highlight
The Quick Fix Cream Highlighter includes a dual-ended applicator, creating convenient use as you can apply and blend the product all in one. The creamy formula of this highlighter works to create a youthful, dewy look while enhancing skin health with every wear. As your skin matures, it often experiences dryness, that’s why we suggest opting for a creamy highlighter to promote skin hydration with every wear.

Take it to the next level with these brow and lip products

Eyebrows and lips are our most important facial features.. They help to express our emotions, shape our face and express beauty! Whether you’re opting for a natural makeup approach with simply some lipstick and brow products, or if you’re using these products to complete your glam look, we have all of your beauty solutions!

Bold Longwear Lipstick
Experience intense colour in the Bold Longwear Lipstick. Specifically formulated to counteract dryness, this lipstick is the perfect addition to your makeup routine for mature skin. The Bold Longwear Lipstick has been packed with ingredients that will leave your lips feeling plump and looking glamorous. Nothing completes your makeup quite like a bold lip does!

Absolute Feather Brow Pen
Have you experienced thinner brows with age? This Absolute Feather Brow Pen is the perfect product for mature skin, including a unique 4-tip applicator that replicates the look of real brow hairs. Achieve a flawless, microbladed brow with this water-resistant brow pen, guaranteed to keep you feeling your best. Experience natural looking full brows every day!