I Design Me: Meet Our Faces | DB Cosmetics

BELLA x DB Unsigned Model Search

  1. We’ve found our tribe!

    Meet our DB Cosmetics ‘i design me’ campaign faces for 2023.

    Hundreds of entrants from all around Australia entered the DB x Bella Unsigned model search. The passion and talent we discovered was mind-blowing.

    From shining a spotlight on young talent and advocating for inclusion, to celebrating the wisdom that comes with aging, our finalists are leading by example. Beauty is very individual, and it’s different for everyone.

  2. i design me is about freedom, individuality, authenticity and diversity.

    We are committed to providing a platform for voices that have long been underrepresented. Real people just like you. You are all the heroes of our story.

    We don’t simply want our customers to be themselves, we want them to be their best selves. Leading with purpose and authenticity makes an impact that extends well beyond our brand.

meet our faces

  1. creative / mum katy

    Katy lives, works and plays on Sydney’s northern beaches with her 2 children and husband. She’s enjoyed a lot of sun in her life, and believes as your children get older you find time for yourself again. These days she can’t sit still – she’s always doing something.

  1. fashion design student alina

    Alina came to Australia from Ukraine last year. She currently lives in Brisbane. She loves Australia and feels there’s a lot of opportunity here. She finds the people very friendly and accepting. She has a three and a half year old daughter, who she loves very much.

  1. actor eden

    Eden is from Melbourne, where she lives with her family. She is an actor and personal assistant who loves affirmations and celebrating our unique differences.

  1. set designer gee gee

    Gee Gee is from Melbourne. She recently graduated from the University of Melbourne where she studied performance design and event installation. She rejects stereotypes and has found her own way to accept and be proud of who she is.

  1. theatre performer mikey

    Mikey calls Melbourne home. They are a trans, non-binary meta performer. They believe some things deserve to be fought for, and giving that second glance makes the world of difference. They hope we can get to the point where our differences are celebrated.

  1. nature lover nardia

    Nardia lives in a small country town about an hour out of Brisbane called Boonah. She loves animals and nature and hopes to study either marine biology or wildlife biology. She keeps active and loves playing sport. She likes to give everything a go.

  1. health student alyssa

    Newcastle born, Alyssa is a creative at heart and loves art. She’s doing a double degree in psychology and criminology, but her true passion is working in her Mum’s speech pathology practice. She loves helping kids be comfortable in a space where they can learn and have fun at the same time. Her mum is one of her biggest inspirations.

  1. computer science student thilini

    Thilini lives in Melbourne where she is studying computer science at Melbourne University. She also works as a hairdresser which makes her a multi-talented multi-tasker. She loves pilates, going to the gym and always tries different things.