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4th of August, 2021

7 Steps to Achieve a Cloud Skin Look

Jordan Hazan
7 Steps to Achieve a Cloud Skin Look | DB Cosmetics | 01

A soft, natural glow. Notice the light shining through the clouds as you gaze into the sky. It’s this soft, ethereal glow that’s driving the newest skincare and makeup trend, Cloud Skin, and we can’t get enough of it!

Gone are the days of layering intense highlighters in an attempt to shine brighter in the eyes of the gods using ‘glass skin’ makeup trends. Now we look to ‘Cloud Skin’ to enhance our natural glow with effortless, soft makeup looks.

The magic behind this popular trend is mixing textures to give your skin a blur makeup effect as if you had applied an Instagram photo filter. Avoid the photo tricks with our simple 7 step Cloud Skin makeup tutorial. Designed to elevate your everyday glow with a fresh, youthful look, it’s a must-have makeup look!

Step #1: Blurring Primer

The clouds are often considered paintings in the sky. And just like every artwork begins with a good base, so too does a proper Cloud Skin look. A blurring primer is an essential first step to even out skin texture and reduce pigmentation or redness. This gives you the blurred, hydrated base to begin ‘painting your artwork’ on.

We recommend using the DB Blur Primer to balance your skin’s natural shine, leaving a soft and velvety finish. Formulated with a Peptide Infusion and the Q10 coenzyme, the DB Blur primer is a quick fix for plump and fresh Cloud Skincare.

Step #2: Matte Foundation

Building on your base, use only a liquid matte foundation to give you the best results for your cloud skin look. Our Matte Velvet Foundation, which allows you to build coverage to the level of blur that your unique complexion requires. No need for powder foundation, which could lead to a dry and dull complexion. Our matte foundation employs the core philosophy of Cloud Skin by blending skincare with makeup. The skin-loving ingredients of Aloe Vera and Vitamins C+E will ready your base with a firmness that leaves zero powderiness.

Step #3: Matte Bronzer

We can’t forget that sunlight breaks through the clouds, giving us that gorgeous glow. The next step in our cloud skin makeup tutorial is to add a little bronzer.

The cloud skin makeup trend sits comfortably between a matte and illuminated haze. While we focus on our natural glow for the majority of illumination, hitting the contours of your face with our creamy Get Glowing Pressed Mineral Bronzer in our matte shades Barcelona Bronze and Tahiti Tan will enhance the effortlessness of the look. This mineral bronzer will also conveniently deliver the collagen-boosting powers of Aloe Vera and Q10 to your skin.

Step #4: Matte Eyeshadow

Echoing the silver lining of the clouds, use a matte eyeshadow to enhance the natural shape and colour of your eye for the best soft glam makeup look. Like foundation, go for the less is more approach. Try quickly blurring a neutral or peachy shadow into your eye crease and above. Then get in touch with the delicate fluffiness of clouds by bringing a light cream shade to the lids and inner corners of the eyes.

Our Eye See You 6 Shade Eyeshadow Palette in the Mad for Matte shades has a simple selection of tones ready for your Cloud Skin look.

Step #5: Soft Eyeliner

Continuing the simple elegance of cloud skin, eyeliner should be kept to a minimum, again enhancing the soft ‘lining’ of the clouds. Choose a brown eyeliner and lightly smudge the line you draw for that blurry, soft makeup look. The DB Pigment Plus Water-Resistant Retractable Eyeliner (Chocolate Shard) has the perfect combination of precision and creaminess to achieve this step. Extend your eyeliner subtly beyond the natural lash line for a blurred effect. Don’t be afraid to smudge harsh lines with your finger or a brush!

Step #6: Dreamy Lashes

Nothing will help enrich your elegant Cloud Skin look like dreamy, doe-eyed lashes. Start by using a Lash Primer to allow for thicker, fuller and longer-lasting mascara. Follow up with a black-brown mascara for a softer, more natural look than a pitch-black alternative. Our Centre Stage Curl & Volume Mascara (Black-Brown) conveniently do this for you, with a creamy formula of hydrating ingredients to define your lashes with a natural flair.

Step #7: Finish with a matte lip

To finish your Cloud Skin look, leave your lips feeling as smooth as a cloud's surface by using a matte lip crayon, like our Lip Stix Creamy Matte Lip Crayon. Remember, a cloudy sky at sunset is a beautiful array of warm, complementary colours. Neutral lip colours, such as our Skinny Latte shade, will echo the shade of your eyeshadow while complimenting the rest of your matte makeup.

Stay updated with the latest and greatest makeup trends, alongside plenty of soft glam makeup tips, by checking out the DB cosmetics blog. Discover more incredible products like our Matte Velvet Foundation when you shop online with us today.