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3rd of February, 2022

5 Glamorous Valentine’s Day Makeup Ideas That Never Fail

Jordan Hazan
5 Valentine’s Day Makeup Ideas That Are Sure To Impress | DB Cosmetics | 01

Valentine’s Day has become one of the most anticipated dates on our calendar. Whether you celebrate with that special someone, set off on a night out with your girlfriends, or head out solo to see where the wind takes you, achieving that perfect Valentine’s Day makeup look is key.

To help you celebrate the occasion, we at DB Cosmetics have put together 5 glamorous makeup ideas for you to try. Whether you are Pretty in Pink, enjoy a Red Lip and Winged Liner, boast a Smokey Eye, channel that Golden Goddess or radiate Glowy Skin, you are sure to find some inspiration from these easy, yet striking makeup looks.

Pretty in Pink Valentine’s Day Makeup

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Pink is a colour that conjures ideas of romance, perfect for a Valentine’s Day look! For those who prefer soft glam makeup, you can achieve this by using rosy flushed shades to build a timeless, feminine appearance. Simply pick a shade, start at the base of the lash line, and gently blend your colour from there. Add a few coats of your favourite mascara and a touch of clear lip gloss and you are good to go! To complete the look, try our Skin Renew Ceramide Foundation to provide added hydration for a nourished complexion throughout the day, alongside our Quick Fix Cream Blush (Tickled) for a multi-purpose cream suitable for your eyes, lips and cheeks.

A Timeless Winner: The Red Lip & Winged Liner Valentine’s Day Look

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One of the classic Valentine’s Day looks, the red lip and winged liner is something that can suit any skin tone without much effort. Grab your best lipstick, like our Ruby Red Bold Longwear Lipstick, and your statement eyeliner, like our Absolute Precision Liquid Eyeliner Pen, and get to work. With creamy textures, strong pigments, and smudge-proof formulations, you can create this look quickly and easily with striking, dramatic effects. Be sure to create a solid base using a lightweight foundation before carefully sculpting your wing tips, keeping them close to the lash line. Complete the look with a few coats of mascara and enjoy the results!

Smokey Eye & Nude Lip Valentine’s Makeup

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A popular choice for any date, this look helps you achieve a subtle or dramatic style based on your tastes. With shades like our Eye See You 6 Shade Eyeshadow Palette (Smoke & Glitter), you can add a Valentine’s twist with plum and burgundy colours. These super pigmented, easy to blend shadows offer an easy way to wield your blending brush and work from your lash line up to achieve that ideal look. For the heavier, more pronounced looks, lighter lips are sure to complement them. Why not try our Lush Moisturising Lipstick in Nude Rose to keep it nude and natural in 3 easy to wear tones? You can increase the intensity of this look with a spritz of setting spray as you go.

Golden Goddess Valentine’s Day Look

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This look appeals to those seeking more glamorous makeup this Valentine’s Day. With shimmer and gold makeup, this easy style offers something a bit different that is ideal for festive occasions. Try our Golden Goddess Face & Body Highlight to accentuate your highlights with shimmer and glow. Pair this with our Quick Fix Cream Bronzer (Sunny) for a long-lasting cream on your lips, eyes and cheeks, as well as our Liquid Jelly Gold Highlighter to bring forth your inner golden goddess through a hydrating and blendable highlighter. And why not try a peachy pink lip colour to complement this glowy look and adds a natural makeup element?

Natural Valentine’s Glowy Skin

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You can achieve this easy makeup look with a combination of liquid highlighter, eyeshadow, black eyeliner, and a hint of lip gloss. Perfect for those who like a more natural style, the glowy look centres the skin and accentuates your natural features. Try our Liquid Gold Jelly Highlighter and our Eye See You 6 Shade Eyeshadow Palette in Coco Loco to release your inner glow, as well as our Quick Fix Cream Highlight (Bubbly) and Luminous Hydrating Foundation to lock in a natural radiance with a dewy complexion. Complement these hydrating and blendable products with a clear lip gloss to add that extra shine.

Make Your Valentine’s Day Look Last All Day

After putting in the effort to create a Valentine’s Day look, you want to make sure that it will last as long as possible! To ensure your makeup’s longevity, you need to have the right tools. Make sure to have a primer and foundation that matches your skin type and setting spray or powder to hold it all in place. By incorporating these steps into your makeup routine, you can make that Valentine’s Day look last all day.

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