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Which makeup products in your collection are you often hesitant to use? For some of our customers, eyeliner can be challenging to master. Perhaps you’re not sure how to choose the best type of eyeliner for your eye shape, eye colour, or skin type.
A soft, natural glow. Notice the light shining through the clouds as you gaze into the sky. It’s this soft, ethereal glow that’s driving the newest skincare and makeup trend, Cloud Skin, and we can’t get enough of it!
Keepingyour skin healthy and glowing in winter isn’t an easy task. Your skin may start looking a bit tired and dull, and as your memories of days spent in the summer sun begin to fade, so too does your tan. As winter starts to roll in, you might want to start introducing some skin-loving makeup into your routine to help you get yournaturally glowing skin back!
At DB Cosmetics we proudly support pro-age beauty and encourage women to proudly show their natural beauty. We believe that beauty doesn't diminish with age. On the contrary, we’re firm believers that we become happier and more beautiful with age and want our community to feel confident to embrace their vibrancy and adventurous nature at any age.
At DB Cosmetics, we believe in pro-age beauty. We believe that you don’t diminish with age - rather, signs of ageing make you even more beautiful and should be embraced. Your age should be celebrated, not hidden behind a layer of thick foundation and uncomfortable anti-ageing makeup.
Powder foundation goes back a long, long way. Here’s a little fun fact: Queen Elizabeth I was famous for wearing it to make her complexion lighter! But back then, foundation was dangerously made from lead... we’re thrilled to say that powder foundation has come a long way since then, and is now much healthier for your skin!

As beauty lovers, we’re always looking for the best ingredients to improve our skin and help it get that healthy glow. While we’re yet to find a miraculous ingredient that will instantly cure all of our skin concerns, we found one that gets close to perfection: Hyaluronic Acid!

Want to nail flawless Foundation? Of course you do. Grab your favourite Foundation and follow these 6 expert tips.
Bronzer and contour - same thing, right? Wrong! Learn the difference between the two techniques and how they can help you achieve flawless looks.
Wondering how to apply makeup in summer? Here’s the best way to make your summer makeup looks last in the heat.
Want to know how to do glowy makeup? Follow our glowy makeup tutorial to learn how to apply highlighter and master how to do glitter eyeliner.
It’s time to give your lips some love! From lip glosses to lipsticks and lip plumping treatments, play around with these 6 looks for your pout.